“Dr. Paul Bingham is the most talented, accessible and kind veterinarian that I have ever encountered. He will go out of his way, day or night, to help you and your pet. He builds a level of trust that is so appreciated when you have an ill animal.“
A client of 16 years

Avian and Exotics

Exotic Pet Care in Fruita

Feathered, scaly, and unusual pets are welcome here! We are not just here for cats and dogs…Arrowhead Veterinary Hospital’s team has extensive experience with many non-traditional pets as well. Many problems that are diagnosed with these patients are often related to the diet and care they are given at home (husbandry), and we are here to help! Arrowhead offers these unique pets the same professional expertise as traditional pets, such as diagnostic laboratory, radiological (X-ray and ultrasound), and surgical services, as well as client consultation and education.

Dr. Paul Bingham has a lifetime of experience and expertise with all types of exotic animals. His training began 30 years ago in Florida, where he routinely treated alligators! He has even treated a Wallaby here in Fruita, Colorado! In his vast experience, he has treated many interesting animals such as a Siberian Tiger, an African lion, Chimpanzees, a Baboon, and even a celebrity alligator.

Avian (Birds):

Rabbits, ferrets, and pocket pets (gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, etc.):

Reptiles (snakes, turtles, lizards, etc.):

Exotic Pet Vet in Fruita